I stole love !

This is going to be a scary ride, I am going to try to write everything exactly as in my mind, at this right moment. It's going to be loud, people are going to read it, people are going to listen what my mind says, maybe they will judge, they will make faces, they will talk... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

Right at this very moment, my head is having a rush. It keeps on doing that to me. It's like ten bullet trains running in different directions trying to tell me, ten different scenarios that could exist for the existence of every single thing around me. Imagine the number of things you see, the number... Continue Reading →

My heart is a Galaxy of stars!

Do you ever think? What is it like to have a heart which holds galaxies of stars in itself! It shines for fifteen days, gloomy for fifteen days then one day suddenly it shines the brightest and one dark night it is ready to slay dragons. Each star is a part of a person who... Continue Reading →

I am breathing, delusions!

I remember. Sitting on the bench on the hill. Sky, the sky was sinking with deep scarlet and turquoise blue scattering all around the sun. And! I heard a shot. Someone shot the sunset and no one else saw it, but me. Sea of people was meeting the sky at the nearby station. Walking and... Continue Reading →

The Promise: Part Three(The End)

He: "No" "This isn't the surprise neither the promise." Now close your eyes, I am going to tell you what promise is! She:"What, why? I have been suffocating, my lungs ache and my body hurts!The only                 thing that has made me smile until now is that child... Continue Reading →

The Promise : Part two

"Surprise" My phone's screen flashed. "Do you know what is the surprise, yet? I like that he put "yet" at the end. As if the yet was inevitable, as if he was just waiting to disclose it all, like in a hurry, like a compulsion, something not like surprise. Something like when for one sudden... Continue Reading →

The Promise: Part One

I feel a wave that has knocked out the little air out of my lungs, surprised and shocked I gulped ocean; little more than required and it's abhorrent and salty. Something aches too I can't really figure out what it is exactly, it must be my chest hurting with the sea and the ocean. With... Continue Reading →

Sheep King

I want to tell you a story! Don’t really know how to frame it right. It’s a story of a jungle where amongst the animals lived the Sheep king! King who was a king, still not a king, the blinded ministers pulled the strings of the king, and the king danced like a sheep, Oh,... Continue Reading →

Angel’s packing bags!

*Headbanging with thoughts* I need, need to write, Words have always been my savior. Although most of the times I end up in trouble because of my words.The worst decisions of my life have also been the manifestation of my words. Yet, yet I need my words! because they complete me and I love them... Continue Reading →

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