Angel’s packing bags!

*Headbanging with thoughts* I need, need to write, Words have always been my savior. Although most of the times I end up in trouble because of my words.The worst decisions of my life have also been the manifestation of my words. Yet, yet I need my words! because they complete me and I love them... Continue Reading →

The end

The aching heart won't ache forever, the restless mind won't be restless forever, the food on your plate won't intimidate you forever, the alcohol won't let you be high forever, and won't let you smile all the while, Conversation won't go on and on, The person with you won't make you feel the same forever,... Continue Reading →

At the end

She:"Do you want me to stay?" He: "What is the meaning of this question?" *Wiping of her tears* She:"Shhh! Shhh! Answer in yes or no." He:"Yes." A silent smile slipped on to her lips. He:"But that doesn't mean I like you." She:"This probably sums it all. I hope you find yourself one day and say... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning

It's a Monday morning and you want to do nothing. Only blues that make you smile today is the sky! And rest all blues push you back inside your bed. Yet you push yourself Get off the most comfortable thing Dress in your attire And get ready to brace the war It's not a nice... Continue Reading →

Fun Fair

This word prompts memories in my head that take me to a place. Place full of rides, innocence, cotton candies and most of all merry wheel! Have you ever been on a merry wheel? how did it feel? If you are not a height person, it must have been scary. Scary when you are on... Continue Reading →

Happy Children’s Day

Today, I woke up to "Happy Children's day" text from an old friend. And I realized today is 14 November. Suddenly sitting on my bed I was reminiscing all those 12 years of my school when I was a kid, and every 14 November was special.  Yet at that time I hated being called a... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames  The Winds are strong and cold, So cold that they turn my blood blue, And right at that moment, Lightning strikes, And my  blood turns blue, Born out of the spark, That hit me, And all I can think of is death. Let's walk through the graveyard, Where corpses are set on... Continue Reading →


Once upon a time a girl met a boy and they never lived happily ever after. They just kept on meeting new people and kept on moving on. Moving on until a point where there was nothing but a heartless body and a soulless mind. Isn't this the only kind of love story that exists... Continue Reading →

Look up, Smile

When you fall get up look up girl, smile and leave the world behind When they push you you don't react look up girl, smile leave your mark right When you fail look up! When you fail, keep going it's not the end look up girl, smile let it settle in When you smile look... Continue Reading →

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