Let the Moon kid shine

We were still on the opposite end of the table. The ink from the pen was still dripping. Flicker on a few things shine and then drop to the same conversation. Flicker and gone. Lighting up his face once again before the shine dies. Eyes flicker and she's gone. Stories had been bartered and smiles... Continue Reading →


Mumbai’s Mahuva

It's been quite some time that I have been trying to find bits and pieces of motivation to carry on with the monotony of life that has slipped in. The education pattern in India has been weaved in such a manner that people are not often very comfortable with the way they acquire knowledge, half... Continue Reading →

I stole love !

This is going to be a scary ride, I am going to try to write everything exactly as in my mind, at this right moment. It's going to be loud,┬ápeople are going to read it, people are going to listen what my mind says, maybe they will judge, they will make faces, they will talk... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

Right at this very moment, my head is having a rush. It keeps on doing that to me. It's like ten bullet trains running in different directions trying to tell me, ten different scenarios that could exist for the existence of every single thing around me. Imagine the number of things you see, the number... Continue Reading →

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