Come on, Let’s Ballos!


I woke up at four a.m in the morning. Oh, sorry I didn’t sleep only to wake up. Past few days have been tough on me. I dance at two a.m, walk around my house wearing those loose comforts and darkened hollow beneath my eyes. As the remedy, I tried talking to every single person who had something to tell me when I was busy with too many things earlier. The irony here is now they are too busy to answer my queries, yet some kind generous people who are up like me at three, four or five in the morning gave me some suggestions.  I drank a glass of milk, read some boring books, put my lights off and electronic devices away after a point, all this because I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned in my bed, trying all the remedies with my eyes closed, because I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, I was a boat sailing in an unsteady sea. Thunders and fierce winds of thoughts, I was sailing through.

The morning will be the worse for such nights. I’d open my eyes and it would be red, puffy and swollen, a bit itchy too. I stopped drinking tea, coffee or anything else that had the potential to keep me up.  Then, I will start working and keep on until the last breathe would make me feel tired. Then I had come home, hop into my bed take out the most boring book anyone can imagine. Just so that, I can sleep. Most of the time it would be just my exhausted body and too loud a brain. Walking in my room in various shapes so that any of it makes sense.

One night when I had disturbed one of the friend’s sleep since I couldn’t sleep. We were conversing and we found out approximately ten different solutions to insomnia. My boat was going to sail smooth I thought. The next night I drank a glass of milk, read the most boring book I could ever find, got into my bed and counted until 1 from 6000. Yes, the pretty old two-dimensional trick. Similarly, I tried ten different tricks for ten different nights but nothing helped. NOTHING !

One night scrolling through my Facebook wall, I found an article with people in it performing ballos!

Ballos is a form of Greek folk dance. The music is comparatively joyous. Since greek mythology always has had stories of love or forced love or injustice. You will not be surprised to know that this form is majorly done to flirt with women since men couldn’t pretty easily approach women. Then, it suddenly struck my mind Bollywood must have been inspired by this. because have you ever seen a movie where the guy doesn’t dance to impress women!

Anyway, so I opened my laptop and played it on youtube. Enlarged the screen, took a few steps back, kept the laptop on my study table and started dancing like the lady in the video. I felt silly in my loose pajamas, dancing to a song I don’t understand but home felt more like home tonight. There is not much to do here, just swiftly sway and tap your feets. But I kept replaying the same song. Didn’t  click even one of the recommended videos. At the end of the night, I was tired now and I had to take a shower because I don’t know since when was I dancing by myself in the middle of the night.

And when my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep almost immediately, with a smile on my face and a Greek song about the twist in my head.


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