Mumbai’s Mahuva

It’s been quite some time that I have been trying to find bits and pieces of motivation to carry on with the monotony of life that has slipped in. The education pattern in India has been weaved in such a manner that people are not often very comfortable with the way they acquire knowledge, half of them don’t even acquire that. There’s a judging criterion for every single thing. It’s like factories producing biscuits of various kinds Similarly, various kinds of humans are labeled and manufactured into various brands. With a pinch of knowledge, a pinch of judgments and a big stamp of the college that has authorized you to go and conquer the world, just with terms and conditions.
You can picture it like,
Life dressed as air-hostess standing in front of you,
“Ladies and gentlemen, My name is life and I am your Chief Flight attendant,
Welcome on board,
I won’t request you to fasten your seat belts as it’s going to be one hell of a ride,
You should preferably do that though,
We have two doors in front,
Each leading to some monotonous company and a stable career,
Emergency exit is hidden, you don’t have a choice here,
Still, If you manage to find one,
this is the exit that leads you to your passion,
the happiness door we call it,
please jump off and float in the air,
until something really good happens,
or you will be welcome on board anytime,
just that life will be tougher this time,
because there won’t be a seat belt this time,
Thank you very much, have  a stable journey.”
But don’t worry this post is not going to be anything about me or my thoughts.
Recently, I was coming back home in local, sitting and observing adjustments, smiles, the compulsion to avoid eye contacts, judgments and a child crying. When a eunuch boarded the train.She started giving blessings to people and was asking for money. The intriguing thing was she was conversing in English much more fluent than what we might even see in educated circles.
Just then, a child started crying. He was scared. His mother started to console him by telling “don’t be scared! It’s okay”.
The child asked, “who is she?”.
His mother didn’t answer.
Just then, this female came up and told the mother “It’s Okay Madam, You can tell your child. There’s nothing to be scared of.”
At this particular moment in her eyes, I saw so many emotions, dreams and something I can not really define. SO MANY! One of them was the acceptance she had for herself. This amazed me, intrigued me. SO when she came up to me, I asked her: “How, How do you have this acceptance? This is something that very few humans have.  I mean, we continuously are judged and evaluated on so many factors that we ourselves are scared of identifying what we are!”
Then she asked me to get down to the next station with her.
Meanwhile, she told me the story.
In her words. She was from the Land of Rama- Ayodhya. Her father was from Bihar and mother from Persia. The reason she had such fluent English and communication skills. She used to go to school like all other kids until one day. When her identity started coming up to society and it became evident about her gender. Her parents pulled her back from society gatherings, suddenly it was a problem. Captivated in the room, she was made to doubt on herself. Until one day, when she decided to run away to find herself a new life. The, she mentioned how it’s difficult for the entire eunuch community to survive.
Need she say about how difficult her journey would have been. But she never gave up and accepted what she was. I asked her for a picture so that I could share her story. She said no because her mentor had asked her not to as they are planning something and it’s going to be big. She did give me her number though. Also, she said she has featured in a documentary played in Mumbai Film Festival: Mumbai’s Mahuva.
I don’t know how far can I believe a stranger but when I tried to google, I did find a picture. So the feature image is of hers, the same person who in few seconds gave me a whole new perspective on life, who touched my heart not because of any other thing but because what she taught me was none of the books or anyone taught me.
It’s not always necessary to doubt things sometimes just accept yourself first, it won’t help you right away but definitely, in the long run, you will be a winner someday!
No education institute or corporate firm can decide what you are or evaluate your skills. When you dream, dream so hard for your game plans that even universe can not say no to you. The only thing you do is “Don’t doubt yourself and just put your heart and soul into that run, rest things will fall in place.”


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  1. I like your style of writing.. Great..! Keep writing ! Though I don’t like reading a lot.. Your style of writing has inspired me to read your previous blogs!

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