Winter Wonderland

Right at this very moment, my head is having a rush. It keeps on doing that to me. It’s like ten bullet trains running in different directions trying to tell me, ten different scenarios that could exist for the existence of every single thing around me. Imagine the number of things you see, the number of humans you come across and for every single thing. Your brain is having a conversation with you with the speed of bullet trains.
Maybe this! Nah, this for sure! Nah, this definitely not! oh, this is possible!
At the other end, you yell! no, no! nothing I want to know.
I just want to be selfish and want to know, reasons for my existence.
It’s not by choice.
It just happens when Alice walks down the city lane with her hair of length only that comforts her. Walking barefoot on shards of broken glasses and thorns and branches melting down as she walked over them. Sky would be awestruck.
Buildings and people falling over her one smile.
Not because she smiled beautifully, but because she smiled to enlighten up the world.
Only because she wants the sun to be less jealous of the moon.
Sun has been whining over how humans only talk mind at night while, flutter and flatter fake smiles and lives when he’s alive.
Whining over how everyone wants to sleep when he is alive only because they had been talking in the moon light.
So, Alice! She smiles so that sun smile! She dances so that sun is less jealous. She sings so that something would heal the pain.
But the sun isn’t pretty much convinced, so we tend to manage with buildings crumbling and thousands of men falling.
Her eyes have oceans and shades of brown and black,
How many? Well, definitely not less than a million.
She flies back home every time she isn’t able to smile. Her wings are made of curtains with patches of sunlight, moonlight, and stars. But they don’t shine, they help her with her ride and her hide.


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