My heart is a Galaxy of stars!

Do you ever think? What is it like to have a heart which holds galaxies of stars in itself!
It shines for fifteen days, gloomy for fifteen days then one day suddenly it shines the brightest and one dark night it is ready to slay dragons.
Each star is a part of a person who was once part of my life, this is the best thing about them that still lives in me and breathes in me.
It’s like, you need to close your eyes and imagine here.
So yeah, you are walking through an unknown path in the woods with sky not shining it’s dark and shady. The only thing that shines is the person I am walking with and I love this person the most because there are so many parts of this person to me, that my heart is shining today. Even though when it was supposed to be a gloomy dark night, it’s not tonight.
Tonight it’s just him and me, in these shady woods with my heart shining the most and his eyes gleaming with the sea of these same stars.
No star can shine tonight in the sky because I have stolen it tonight. It’s just supposed to be him, me and the stars *shouting their stories*
Path ends.
Path diverges into separate roads, and it’s all golden- it’s morning now.
Paths we choose are our choices because that’s how it is supposed to be.


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