I am breathing, delusions!

I remember. Sitting on the bench on the hill. Sky, the sky was sinking with deep scarlet and turquoise blue scattering all around the sun. And! I heard a shot. Someone shot the sunset and no one else saw it, but me.
Sea of people was meeting the sky at the nearby station. Walking and marching in rows like preparing for some unidentified war!
They all marched with their sweaty hands clenching every little ounce of air that they could find. They all marched with a little of the dream in their head, a little of struggle and a lot of chaos.
The sky was dying, slowly and the sun was losing breathing, in and out harder with every second. It was painful and I fell on my knees trying to not weep with my eyes closed, trying to share the pain the sky and sun shed. But nothing would help and I felt only I could see this and no one else! I saw my friend standing behind me her eyes gleaming and dolphins diving and swimming. It was all a delusion not so rosy but actually hazy and close to reality.
It was all fading until I saw someone smile and moon shine brightly. Sun had died but shared it’s light with stars and moonlight.
Nothing was bleeding anymore and the marching troops towards the unidentified war were at rest, right underneath the Moon light they lay smiling over someone’s death and someone’s rebirth.


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