The Promise: Part Three(The End)

He: “No”
“This isn’t the surprise neither the promise.”
Now close your eyes, I am going to tell you what promise is!
She:”What, why? I have been suffocating, my lungs ache and my body hurts!The only                 thing that has made me smile until now is that child whom I saw in traffic.
But then he disappeared. Everything has been disappearing my hopes, my desires,             the cute little poor kid and lastly, the serene feeling of the place you told me about last time. That too has disappeared.
The smile, the moon are all pretty but they are disappearing. Why can’t I hold onto them, I want to know that! And here, you are asking me to close my eyes! Hell, I am not doing that.
*Faint smile appears on his lips again as she turns back and starts walking away.*
He: Now, you are going to listen and only, listen. Before that close your eyes idiot female.
Imagine a place where evening stays still. It’s vague and hazy but free of its usual state of restlessness.  Moon is coming out and it’s serene light singing itself into your hands and stars swimming in the reflection of your eyes.
Imagine a figure sitting on the edge of this place and he has a gun in his lap. He is holding  his hands together as if some thought is weighing him down.

His trembling hands pick up the gun.  Trembling could be because of past                             responsibilities or stories or some affection but can you really look into his head!
His thoughts are also heavy on his back and him. Or maybe fear of future or maybe simply the weight of the gun, heavy for his aged hands.

Imagine mouth of the barrel kiss his forehead and his eyes close.

Hold your breath now.

Your heartbeats loud, trying to drown the bang.

Curiosity opens your eyes again.

The figure slowly bends and rises again to his feet with the gun. He looks back at the          endless stretch of the night and slowly raises the suicidal arm, arches it back and               shoots it forward, releasing the sin from his guilty fingers and letting it twist through         the air.
Away… Gone.
He turns his back to that hollow blanket and walks away from what could have been.
Open your eyes now.
* Stretching the arm with gun in hand.*

She: What is it all about? What is this? What sort of promise and surprise is this?
I almost lost mine breathes.

He: You need to understand that figure is no one else but me. This is no other gun but the        same gun that kissed my forehead. There is no surprise but there is a promise!
Promise to not see the gun ever only if you take it tonight.
and we can walk all the places you imagined, together forever.
only if you be patient.
I can’t justify anything but only that there is stars, moons, and sun in you and your            reflection. Your shadow is dark yet it’s not totally disheartening.
Just understand and stay.

She: Who makes such promises. Do you even hear yourself? What bull shit are you                      talking!

He: You don’t hear yourself. You taught me how to believe and hence, I gift it to you. Look         in your eyes, you do understand. Just don’t want to accept. I ain’t even kidding.

She took the gun with the shot still banging in her head and they walked back together. Maybe hurting but smiling.


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