The Promise : Part two

“Surprise” My phone’s screen flashed.
“Do you know what is the surprise, yet?
I like that he put “yet” at the end. As if the yet was inevitable, as if he was just waiting to disclose it all, like in a hurry, like a compulsion, something not like surprise.
Something like when for one sudden moment you keep staring at a stranger or a thing and you are hit by the looks around, just the matter of time and thoughts.

Lost in thoughts, I Didn’t say a word.

Screen flashed again.
A picture. Ever thought of a place where the glittery blanket of sky meets the horizon and all the lost stars and falling stars fall and rise only for you, because someone loves you so pure and so much that even stars don’t deny that.
Moon is setting at the back but no one really cares about it’s shine tonight. Dawn is breaking, earth is spinning differently by the lake.
I turned around. Was I lucky?

“This is the surprise, the promise ?”

His lips broke into a smile, blushed and looked down; moon was a faded picture, stars weren’t bright anymore but someone tonight was bright enough to lighten up at this time.

I repeated: “This is the surprise, the promise?”


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