The Promise: Part One

I feel a wave that has knocked out the little air out of my lungs, surprised and shocked I gulped ocean; little more than required and it’s abhorrent and salty. Something aches too I can’t really figure out what it is exactly, it must be my chest hurting with the sea and the ocean.
With only darkness around with a tinge of red, blue and little of orange and little more colors yet dark and it still aches somewhere! I still can not breathe, is it really my chest that hurts? There are flowers all around on roads and pavements twirling, swirling and falling through the breeze right onto my face. Slide through my hair and then back on the ground, for those microseconds when it slides and falls; this is one moment when nothing in my body hurts but only smiles and feels light.
It aches again, my ribcage is in my throat with a little cough, sneezes, and eyes watery. It’s getting tougher to breathe, little tougher and a little more. Space around is becoming small, smaller my stomach breathes in and out but the thoughts are still the same and suddenly, I realize about the sob that was stuck and I feel like throwing up then I realize what it was and it becomes stronger and bigger. Suddenly again my skin tightens around my bones, strands of hair ache, and there is a metallic taste in my head maybe because of the traffic around. My head jerks and the cab moves a little more.

My head is still lost and restless cars honking and people waiting, thinking and lost!
Still in the cab, still swallowing the ache and the suffering.
Suddenly, a kid walks up to the window of the cab- smiles, and leaves. By the time I pull down the glass and my eyes start search that figure with a faint smile and all thoughts drained, he has disappeared.
Lips still have the faint smile and head….

My phone beeps with a reminder “surprise”!


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