At the end

She:”Do you want me to stay?”
He: “What is the meaning of this question?”
*Wiping of her tears*
She:”Shhh! Shhh! Answer in yes or no.”
A silent smile slipped on to her lips.
He:”But that doesn’t mean I like you.”
She:”This probably sums it all. I hope you find yourself one day and say your words someday.Until then, Goodbye! ”
Hangs up the call.

No ones around,
apart from this dilapidated building,
And the butchered tree,
that once stood tall and straight,
It’s nothing,
but it will grow and get better,
Not the same but will look the same,
Thorns here are thick,
but they are smooth,
they don’t hurt,
nothing hurts,
because their are no fears..

My eyes are closed,
there’s a music playing,
a voice shouting inside the head,
“It’s alright!”
And I start humming,
Just to taint the delusion,
and suddenly,
It’s all silent,

I am letting all the hopes go,
It’s the end of the  year,
And I stand still,
With my eyes still closed,
Still humming,
Still hanging in the yes,
Still thinking,
How can one not know,
know themselves,
Maybe, I was right,
Right! All this while,
It’s a mirage, a mistake,
Mistake when people don’t see,
see you, as you see them,
It’s just end of another story,
And beginning of another..

You might end alone today,
streets you walked once with someone,
roads you travelled,
journeys you made,
All are just another story,
because no one knows,
what they want,
what they need,
Every day is a new lesson,
Every year makes you grow,
Just like the butchered tree,
Hopes and dreams are butchered,
But with time you heal,
you grow back,
and that’s how fittest survive,

And you will find your love and your yes,
 the day you find,
Find yourself ! Because then you will not be scared to say yes,
or scared to accept yourself and your desires,   until then adios!
Because not all stories deserve happy ending,
they just need a closure ending.

Love doesn’t fade out or blur out, love grows over the years and if it doesn’t.There’s nothing like “Like”, it’s not necessary to be lovers to feel love. You can be friends too,friendship is as pure as love. Only thing that differs is person you have to respect feelings of yourself and of the other person. We live in shallow times and in this time when you don’t respect what others feel or what you feel. You will be lost, you will have no identity, no roots for yourself.
So, this 31 december promise yourself to be better, to grow, to let go people who don’t matter and most of all express what your heart says. You might not get what you want but at least you will not regret. Life is too short to have regrets. Live happy, live crazy.


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