Monday Morning

It’s a Monday morning and you want to do nothing.
Only blues that make you smile today is the sky!
And rest all blues push you back inside your bed.
Yet you push yourself
Get off the most comfortable thing
Dress in your attire
And get ready to brace the war
It’s not a nice place,
It’s all fire, dragons, and ships,
You are walking down the road,
Flying on your broom,
to reach the place you have always wanted to go,
but today it’s not about this place,
Today it’s about survival,
Today it’s just about fighting with people,
dealing with shit,
getting it piled inside your head,
and just push it off at the back of your head,
Live! Live!
It’s okay,
It’s alright,
It’s going to be fine,
Oh, my god! It’s Friday night,
And you see another bunch of ridiculous people,
who say things like,
this is love, I love you,
no, i like you,
Like is different, love is different,
and it’s nothing like
Like I ever thought and was ever taught,
It’s all new,
New and absurd and complex,
Why not say,
say what you feel,
Express what you want,
be how you are,
It’s still,
still, friday night and streets are high on alcohol,
broken relationships and fake promises,
One night stands,
Texts and right swipes,
and this is how you sum up,
You’re 23 and you are living,
Living every week like this,
some in hangovers of high,
Some in hangovers of people,
you don’t stop,
because you don’t give up,
you go on!
Go on!
You meet old friends and it’s not the same,
grown ups by number,
and grown down by social life,
Wake up every Monday morning
To brace the blues up and below!
You’re 23 and you are living.
Exploring and breathing.


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