Fun Fair

This word prompts memories in my head that take me to a place.
Place full of rides, innocence, cotton candies and most of all merry wheel!
Have you ever been on a merry wheel? how did it feel? If you are not a height person, it must have been scary.
Scary when you are on the top for those ten seconds.
Scary when you can’t open your eyes because you think you will fall!
But ever tried opening your closed eyes in those ten seconds?
Ever tried to look into your fear’s eye and tell it, you are not scared!
Even though you might be !
You might be scared as hell,
You might be looking into death’s eye,
Because you are just ten!
And you are yet to be transformed into a monster!
And what if !
What if?
Your merry wheel gets stuck in the fifth second of the tenth!
Life’s not fair,
You are still ten,
And you are stuck with your death,
Your living fear,
What would you do ?
You want to know,
What should you do ?
Cup your hands,
against your belly,
hold it, hold it,
breathe in,
breathe out,
Slowly, very slowly, Open your closed eyes,
And look,
look at the gleaming lights,
Shining so bright,
Look into this light,
And realize it’s just fine!
It’s a beauty, not a beast.
And when you come down,
You will meet people,
Who are nice,
And smile brightly,
And make your smile brighter,
You don’t know them,
Yet they are nice,
Yet they will make your evening bright!
And the one’s you know,
Won’t even realize,
What you just went through,
How ironical!
One place gives you,
Fears and smiles,
Friends who are strangers,
And the most special thing,
Strangers who just became friends,
If not for lifetime,
Then at least for a night!



6 thoughts on “Fun Fair

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  1. How Cool this poem is !! Amazing that at a Fun Fair, you make Friends for just 1 Night Fun at the Fair.
    I too love Fairs. But now with the Technology changing, Fairs are converted into Water Parks and Gaming Zones. Like Disneyland, Imagica.


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