Happy Children’s Day

Today, I woke up to “Happy Children’s day” text from an old friend. And I realized today is 14 November.
Suddenly sitting on my bed I was reminiscing all those 12 years of my school when I was a kid, and every 14 November was special.  Yet at that time I hated being called a kid and I just wanted to grow up as soon as possible! I never realized what I am missing out on.

From watching cartoon network, apparently it used to be fun that time, especially Scooby-doo movies on loop in summer vacations or stealing money from my money bank and buying Pokemon cards *(I was one crazy kid for those cards) or playing whole day or buying juice sticks! And many many many things. I can not even recall all of them.
Fun apart but it was so easy being a child. I mean see you could cry when you feel bad or hurt and most of the time it helped. We could trust strangers and talk to them for hours with no fear. Say anything without any fear. Enjoy the simplest things of life like we were being rewarded an Oscar! No competition, no materialism just swings and slides and it would become one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

I personally was a very whining ,curious and notorious kid always. Either people would have to answer my questions or else I would start whining! And dare anyone to say anything rude to me, I would answer this person in the most logical yet absurd manner. Later, I would just run away, find a corner and cry. Yes! Thanks, I know I have always been smart!
But the best part was the innocence that everyone had. How many times did you judge anyone before talking to them or after talking to them as a child?
Don’t know about others but I never did!
because If I would have, I would have had better friends ! *No offense people, I still love you all the most*


From the first smile to the first cry,
I was taught how to walk and talk,
So that I speak my mind,
and choose the path right,
How to be safe,
Till the time,
I find my own way,
That’s how I grew up

Measuring and marking,
Heights over the wall every year,
Growing in height and mind,
from talking to everyone ,
to just a few now,
That’s how I grew up

From flying in dreams,
to watching Simba take his reign,
to watching Scooby reveal the face of humans,
to making me realize how monsters,
were not under my bed,
to Cinderella teaching me hardships,
to Peterpan teaching about faith and trust,
to Nemo teaching to keep swimming,
to Alice to teach How everything is possible,
to Timon and Pumba for “Hakuna Matata”
And most of all,
Even Miracles take time,
So believe,
Believe when you are a grown up,
And you are falling apart,
Believe and live the spirit of childhood,
even when you are an adult,
tell people you love them,
tell them you care,
tell them you are upset,
cry, smile, express,
swing slides and live a rollercoaster life!


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