Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames

 The Winds are strong and cold,
So cold that they turn my blood blue,
And right at that moment,
Lightning strikes,
And my  blood turns blue,
Born out of the spark,
That hit me,
And all I can think of is death.

Let’s walk through the graveyard,
Where corpses are set on flames,
Gently holding hands,
The flesh, the bone and the dirt,
The identity, the face, the love,
What are you now?
Who are you now?
Why do these flames annihilate you?

Remember when you annihilated humans,
Remember when your flames burnt someone,
Remember the death,
And they weren’t even set on flames,
They didn’t hold hands with dirt,
But your flames did,
Your flames killed someone’s soul,
Who deserves flames of death now?
blue blood or the red blood?


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