Once upon a time a girl met a boy and they never lived happily ever after. They just kept on meeting new people and kept on moving on. Moving on until a point where there was nothing but a heartless body and a soulless mind.

Isn’t this the only kind of love story that exists now. And the second person thing starts to post this.

The pretentious sad epigrams and poems directed to a perfect stranger who outstandingly managed to kill a relationship- “You”. The stranger whose birth was especially conspired by cosmos just for you to find them and become a poet or a writer inspired by how amazingly they managed to kill the  little soul that was left in even little humans. That does not in any manner mean that all poets or writers are sad and had a heartbreak in some relationship!

These little humans, you all need to know this stranger “you” and poems about them doesn’t make one a writer.  Why does any of these “you” be so special? Why does sunlight only makes them bright? Why does the wind pass through only their hair? Why can’t this person simply be a human, Why can’t they simply sweat when sunlight baths them.

Why can’t you accept a you who has flaws or has past or doesn’t come on a white horse in a field full of golden daffodils? Why can’t these writers stop forcing their ideas of how things in a relationship are or how a partner should be on this normal genuine human world. I mean come on few of us here can not even think of anything else than food. This is so unfair! Isn’t it?

So let’s just stop defining and imaging a you who is perfect. Let’s not waste our fifty metaphors or hundred of similies on poems for a person who doesn’t even qualify you as the right person for them.
” I see you, since the day I saw you,
You’re like….
You’re like…
You’re like…
and I see you, since the day I saw you,
You’re like….

Oh god! I am like nothing. And everyone out here is just like nothing. I am not like the soft summer breeze, neither am I like any angel. I am like me. Isn’t that enough for you. And if it’s not enough, why isn’t it?

“You” especially from girls. Stop being with the boy who periodically runs his hand up and down the length of you. Stop writing or posting out to boys who break your heart while they crack smiles. Stop passive aggressive writing of any manner for any boy who ever hurt you.
What you write is not a love story, not romance definitely. It’s just boring!

Doesn’t anyone realize boys’ heartbreak as easily as girls’!

All I want to say to this “you” is-
You have no rhyme, diction, metaphor or any kind of any charm. You are nothing more than a perception that you are better. And these comparisons and lines are too old and have been made since centuries. Stop feeding your delusions. Go  listen to some sad song in your dilapidated room.
You are not a writer.
I am not a writer.
Just because someone left a comment “great post” doesn’t mean you are good!

Let’s just start accepting each other as humans as humans come with flaws. Ever thought how boring it would be to live in a perfect world! How would you even survive in a perfect world? Lets just stop this second person “you” shit!





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