Look up, Smile

When you fall
get up
look up girl, smile
and leave the world behind
When they push you
you don’t react
look up girl, smile
leave your mark right
When you fail
look up!
When you fail, keep going
it’s not the end
look up girl, smile
let it settle in
When you smile
look up!
When you are let down
and you cry
look up girl, smile
you are not liable to people
When they hurt you purposely
drag you down
look up girl, smile
it will all pass away
When they ask you
to abide by them
look up girl, fight
hit back hard
When he walks out on you
When he walks over you
When your soul is torn apart
When you are nothing
When you are ashamed to be you
look up girl, smile!
Let them wonder how do you do that
Let them see you smile
Let them know you are not wreck
Let them know you are fire
Let them know you can burn down cities
Let them know you have no fears
Let them know what you are up to
Let them see their fall
as you smile brightly
sucking up your tears
Let them see your mask
Let them see you walk tall
Let them wonder how you do that
Smile and smile
Don’t let them win!
Look up girl, smile!
Aim for the shooting stars and the sunshine


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