Friday night

Could you please not talk and listen for a moment. Stop clinking  your glasses and clapping your hands and listen. For a moment.

Hush and observe the dark wooden door or the female sitting in the quiet corner, judging you all in her zone. Hush for another second and listen people talking because of the little whiskey in their head, oozing out the deepest secrets and pain that rests behind those forged smiles.

No! not yet. You still can’t  keep those conversations stitched to the lining of your stomach. Or can you ? No! you can’t. How would you judge and know?
If you were hush.
If you were just not bothered about what the other person is doing. If just for a day, remember only for a day you are nothing more than a human.
And in human, the good one! not the one who hold a glass of wine in their hand, make confident gestures and tell people a confident story. These kind of people are good, really good and it’s sheer jealousy that makes me hate them. But anyway!
Observe the female sitting in  the quiet corner her eyes reaching out for something beyond humans. Something beyond people who are looking at her and assuming things. Something beyond the walls and the crowd! Something that brings glint in her eyes.
Something that makes her head not giddy even after having five pegs of whiskey.
Observe people observing her and observe their smiles and laughs! Oh! hush! Stop clinking your glasses.
Once all the secrets are out and the female leaves  the quiet corner. There is just one thing following,the gaze of people! to know her secrets before she leaves. But no! better luck next time. Today this night is going to be hush!



4 thoughts on “Friday night

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  1. Mysteries can be more beautiful than any revelation. The eyes of the female must have taken someone’s sleep along with her. They told stories that were much more appealing than the ones being shared vocally.. Already a fan of your writing

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