Thank you !

I have always had a habit of scribbling random things on my notepads. And I love to do this always! I might not talk to people for a while but I can not live without writing, insane? but truth. Six months back on 20, I scribbled something. Sent it to few friends with whom I always used to share all of my work.
One of them who was more of a mentor was really impressed and suggested that I should start my blog. Sitting in that corner of my room that day, I thought a lot like can I really do that? Am I good enough? Would anyone really read it?
But none of these thoughts hindered me that day. I did register and I did make this little thing.
And the response! oh, god! I feel so blessed sometimes about having so many people who are more than my backbone. I remember waking up hopeless some mornings and finding a message from a random stranger or an old friend. Explaining how my last post was so relatable and gave them hopes to not give up. And there will be a little lump of happiness inside of me that will just not go down my throat.
People felt motivated, inspired and so did I.This is one thing that pushed me every time I didn’t want to write or publish a new post.
Every time I thought, what am I doing? Why am I doing? Does anyone really care what I write on this little blog! And now, Six months have passed. Starting from 1 follower to 10 to 1200 followers today! My words are really not enough to thank all those people who have bought “Boho Diaries” to this stage!
I have been not very regular with my posts for a little while now. Just like this post, I am late again! But believe me, I try much more than you can imagine to update it every Friday but apparently I fail at it.
So apologies for not being regular and thank you for reading and sharing all the time!



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