Alive enough

What grips your soul? What makes you alive?
What is that tells you, you are alive!
Or you don’t even wish to have the realization?
Live enough it is, isn’t it?

Is it the night?
the cold one, while you wait,
wait for something you don’t know about,
does the night freeze your soul?
or it is just the cold windy night,
alive it is, isn’t it?

sitting in the living room,
reading the pages of your favorite novel again,
the chaos of contradictions in your head,
calm as the moon, stormy as the ocean,
alive it is, isn’t it?

Think of how much pain,
Your mother’s body endured,
to make you alive,
look at your body in the mirror,
and see anything less than a miracle!
Now does this make you alive yet?

Calcium in bones, Iron in veins,
nitrogen in brains, carbon overall,
stardusts with souls made of flames,
we are stars with people names!
This is definitely alive enough!


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