As the city woke up and I got off the floor. I could feel the pain in my muscles
and the little dust on the side of my face.
Stretched, dusted and looked up, at the pale blue sky calmer than ever.
Everything watched me with mild curiosity.
Telephones and daily entangled lives,
that made way for me,
no cars or strays today,
no pigeons on head,
no rats in the gutter,
no shouting pedestrians by the market,
no humans standing on the balcony,
I was alone walking,
alone more than ever,
City was closing on me,
no distractions,
and wall closing on me,
sun-bleached the sky,
light bouncing off and flooding in my eyes,
from smiling to eroding to decaying to fading,
maybe call for help?
but my echoes hit my ears in response,
the sun was burning holes,
like a matchstick on paper,
like a dry dangling leaf on the dead tree,
my tongue was fragile,
I walked and paused,
let myself burn,
because maybe this morning was not fair enough,
maybe tomorrow it will be fair,
maybe tomorrow my echoes would not come back to me!
but today ,
today it all burns until there is nothing but the ashes.




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