Put it on Smile

As I write this down, I feel a pounding pain turn to lead and fall to edges of my fingers and damage the keys.

What is it? I don’t know but it definitely hurts real bad.
Maybe this is why I can no longer sleep or smile.
And this is melody that never seems to end. No number of lines or poems can explain the melody . Even though it rains outisde while I am inside the car driving and the only thing that touches me is light from street lamp shaped like tear drops.

Sometimes when there is melancholy, you’re walking by the beach while sun sets. And the glow of setting sun rests on your cheeks, warm sand and you’re running and falling and rising again. You keep on repeating this cycle, with the voice inside you singing a song in the loopholes of your mind, it is seepend in and doesn’t stop.

You are happy. You are sad. You are lost.
You are human.

When I was a kid, I had this habit of smiling when I wanted to vent out the most. And this wet sand between my toes takes me back to that feeling.

This. This is it.



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