Ode to Friends

I remember old days when we, group of six used to sit on the terrace with floor wet and shiny. Sitting on bean bags that we had dragged with us and few on the ledge, wet with rains. We all sat neatly like a group of kids still in fourth grade.
Guitar was out and some ridiculous sound it made because no one exactly knew how it worked. One guy tapping his nails against the rim of the beer bottle, another smoking up making rings of smoke and I was tapping my foot trying to catch up with the beat that wasn’t much clear. The girl and the guy on the ledge were talking and reminiscing old days, suddenly they got up and started laughing. The echoing laughter added to the song what the beer bottle didn’t.
Around us was a city full of tall buildings that touched the sky, and amidst that were we six naive people lost in its shadows. Masks were down we were exactly what we were! With no fears of being judged and left by. Intern, student, bachelor, magician, jobless, doctor, free from all these tags we were all just humans. The ones we really were. The city was in wildfire everyone running around behind many things.

The point is it was beautiful and true, We were what we are and this was our calm in the middle of the chaos that we lived in.

“if you had one wish granted, what would it be?”
“for me, it would be this calm with all these people I loved so much! the calm that lets me be me, where I am just myself and no one else.
The calm where I am not a day older than eighteen. The point where I am invincible.”

This has been written in association with Chaayos and Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship day.



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