I want to tell you  something.
Will you hear me out or won’t you?
It’s been months that I have been calling out to you and you won’t listen. How probably can you shut your ears to all my calls? You can not see me when I walk by you. Can you not feel when outside your window at the middle of night, I am standing and calling out to you.
Are you heartless now or you have always been?
Didn’t you hear the gun shots the last night?
Didn’t you feel the fire and heat left behind the shots,
Didn’t you see the red road stained with blood,
no one walks by that road,
they fear the dead spirit.

Don’t you want to know,
who did it?
Don’t you want to know who died?
Oh! wait, how can a heartless and soulless body survive like yours.
beware when you hear the next gunshot
because no good happens to those who betray souls,
or will you be there to hear the next gunshot.

Should I call you out again? you still there? if not me, can you hear all these gunshots or feel the fire that wants to destroy you.
Don’t tell me you can’t.
Or have you packed your soul, your heart, your eyes and your ears in a suitcase and thrown it in the ocean.
And now it’s just a human corpse walking around streets disguised as you.
*Gun shot*
Someone told me it is legal to shoot zombies.


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  1. I came across your twitter account and then started following you on twitter and your blog as well. I like it. Your writing is genuine and mostly related to the daily life. Keep up the good work.


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