Do you every happen to think,
think about the quote you just read,
or the painting you just saw,
or maybe the song you just heard!
Do you?
Ever think about the hundred of words,
from hundred of artists,
or the shades of paintings,
And there might be certain ones,
certain ones that move you ,
move your heart and soul,
because you can connect to it,
it might have happened to you,
or to your friend,
or someone you know,
but you can connect,
you read it again and again,
see it again and again,
picturising the words or painting,
in your head,
It is the explanation of something that happened,
to you at some point,
And maybe this is it,
maybe this is how universe mediates,
mediates its explanation,
for not fulfilling the wish you made on your birthday,
or the wish you made to the shooting star,
for every time it let you down,
And artists!
they are just a medium,
medium to tell you,
this is how it all works,
this is all its shades!



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