Doodle world

“As a kid, I used to draw some random things at the back of my notebooks. I would scribble stuff here and there on all notebooks;  I never knew it could make  any sense until one day.”

How many people have you met who took those scribbling behind their notebooks seriously?  Or how many times  have you met people who are crazy for something they are good at. This post is the journey of an artist who could make sense out of his scribbles and drawings.

“My mom would get excited everytime she saw any of my drawings. My brother used to show off about my creations to his friends and my dad continuously got me new drawing and coloring books.That is how it all started at first.” 

Like every other kid, he used to scribble and draw a lot or may be more than other kids. Even while watching any cartoons, he would always draw the characters himself.
Born in a small city in Telangana spent most of his time switching to different schools and hostels until high school happened. Just like any other parents, his parents asked him to focus on setting up his career first, get a back up and then do what he wants too.  High school, graduation, a job and henceforth settled!
During his high school stopped drawing for a while. Then he had to apply for his graduation,  chose architecture so that he can do what he likes, Drawing! Prepared for competitive exams and got into VNIT.

There is one thing about these crazy souls who want to do something out of the box! They never give up and never stop.

So college was going on and he had started to brush up his skills again. He would draw more and more, he wanted to create his own style in this and that’s how he started making doodles.Meanwhile, he would  borrow his friend’s camera and do photography. Learning through online photography courses, he had given his art a whole new perspective.
Learning and growing that was how he was living.
Until one day, he had designed seven t-shirts for a college festival of which one got selected. And soon he saw everyone in his campus wearing his art, the t-shirt was sold in such huge number that he even lost the count at the end. This was how his journey got a  kick-start. After this, he worked with a few t-shirt designing firm. But out of the box was yet to happen to him!

“This world is a competitive place people give up on their dreams to settle down in lives. I didn’t want to submit myself. I just wanted to dig my way. I lived in a world of art. I found everything artistic, nature amazed me. My eyes were lens that captured  every moment and my brain and hands painted my world on papers or anywhere I could find place. Nature had patterns, colors and tones that is what I wanted to put in my work, my world!”
Sometimes it’s the chance that other give us that, makes us realize what potential we truly hold! Something like this was going to happen with our artist.
He met Mr. Prasang from Gujarat, who asked him to doodle on his car and this is how he met his start up’s idea and the co-founder of his start-up. In the beginning he would stay hungry sometimes and travel in general compartment to go to places where he had projects. Later, things took off and he would earn sufficient for survival. The beauty of all these hungry souls is they never stop and settle, they stumble and fall but they ensure they do get up and walk again.

“Weird beard” his start up. Ever since the inception, he has taken doodles to a whole new level. He does not doodle only on papers. From happy dent to car hood to trousers to hookah to umbrella to ceilings he has doodled on all of them! This is how he has created his own style from those little scribbles he did at the back of his notebooks. With the help of his friends who constantly stood by him in all his highs and lows;  This became the beginning of his journey, his first mile stone. With many more yet to dig on the way up to success.

Some people are just an example of how we humans don’t have a limit. We just have to work and work harder to make our attempts, and one day everything will fall into place. All you gotta do is keep on making attempts and dare to be out of the box.

This is journey of Tejo Guna (Tejo Oo), photographer at heart, doodle artist by passion and entrepreneur by soul.  Below is the link to his profile, if you want to talk and see his work.





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