And it will be

How often have you come across moments when someone said to you “Your dreams are too big for you.”
To me, this is pretty much a common line. Be it interviews or the usual conversations one has with people and no, no not the “hey, wassup” conversations! but the conversation where  you really talk; talk about your mind and heart and visions you see. And such conversations are not happening always they happen rarely but when they do it is  more than bliss! Such people are dreamers I feel and believers.
And I don’t know how often this dream of your little head suffocates you and suddenly, you are talking to a friend sharing your dream. Then your friend says : Oh Gosh! you and your dreams!
And you are stuck there in  that little loop wondering if it’s right or wrong. Or you are just being irrational and you don’t deserve what you dream off. That’s the power of words! Words can make everything good or bad, depending on how they are being used. Amazing isn’t it, the power of mere letters that we learnt after our birth. We were born something, learn something and what do we become?

And it will be

Amidst the chaos and hustle,
There will be something that will flow,
The Past, you and the present,
Will never have an option,
And it will be okay..

Uncertainty all the time,
Failures at every point,
Mess, anxiety and stress,
but belief will push you ,
And it will go on..

You will see phases,
take the chances,
work, take chances and risks,
and yet you will go on,
And it will be not fine but al right..

You will hold on for and against,
Chaos, hustle, uncertainty and failure,
hopes and belief for the dream,
against all odds and all words,
Against all those who don’t believe,
for yourself and your dream,
for rest dreamers and believers,
this will be your struggle for yourself,
to discover yourself,
You will lose everything and everyone,
But will find peace,
No matter what you were born with,
or what you learnt,
or what you have become,
believe me, when you reach your dream land,
It will be okay and al right,
At the end,
there will be only you and your dream,
And it will be how it should be.

Dreams are all you can own. So start believing stop listening and do what needs to be done.
Because nothing, read again nothing is more beautiful than living your dreams! 


3 thoughts on “And it will be

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  1. very well said…power of words…a different name for cumilative imagination..something that turns your life the way you want it to be…its all through these words…loved the end about only the dream and u will be left alone..cuz time and ppl will go..the dreams will become memories and desires will be dreams. good going…keep it up.


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