Idea of love.

” I was standing on the platform waving her goodbye, she was my classmate when I was a kid. I had met her after many years yet I felt I have known her since forever. She also stood at the gate of her compartment and waved to me until I was lost in the crowd and disappeared. And that is how I fell in love.”

I dated him for a year understood him inside out and that is how I fell in love.”

“It was her innocent eyes that made me fall for her.”
“I liked her when I saw her, I fell for her when I talked to her. She was magical and so was the feeling of us.”

Billions of galaxies in the universe, Millions and millions of lives, Imagine the number of emotions in these many lives. Which one do you feel is the strongest?
I asked few people the same question and the above-quoted ones are the words of people who I felt should be told.
The singles said it was hunger, probably this is why these people are single so I concluded it was hopeless to talk to them further. A few more said, love! And then most of them said it was love.
What is it?
The spark when you see someone for the first time and you are all in awe of the person, the butterflies in the stomach, Adrenaline rush from your head to toe, the electric current that sparks when they touch you and every time they take your name you fall even more.  And then begins the game,  the game where in Every word you speak and every action you make is just to impress them more and more. Every daydream of yours has this person and you wonder different ways and plans so that universe conspires at least one of them with you and you get this person you want. You wish every day that this person would feel the same for you and yet nothing happens. And all of a sudden your life which you spent watching some series and movies alone on a laptop has suddenly changed, it’s turned upside down. You smile stupidly at anything and everything. You are happy, sad, anxious, pleased, lost, vulnerable, possessive, conscious about yourself and everything else possible, all this at once!
And this continues for months the little happy feeling that keeps pounding inside you and makes your heart skip a beat every time there is mention of his name. And now you just live in one idea and that is the idea of you both together. It might not be as cliche as seen in Bollywood movies but it definitely is something out of the world and magical or why else would you feel a connection at first sight or later!


Idea of love

Numb in your thoughts,
I spent my summer,
Thinking about you,
Dreaming us together,
And I realized,
I was in love,
With not just myself or you,
but with the idea,
The Idea of us..

The First time I met you,
Universe conspired a different fate,
I fell for you,
So hard that not just my heart,
But the butterflies in my stomach,
were all dancing and hurting,
I was so so in love,
With idea of us..

Miles away,
thoughts apart,
Yet I float with the idea of us,
You don’t even know,
about the existence of us!
And yet I exist in the idea of us.

One day we will,
either be together,
and live in happily ever after,
Or we will never know,
that we can exist too,
I will just fall back,
fall back to being myself,
not as us,
it will hurt,
bones might not break,
but the idea definitely will.
Yet there will be one thing intact,
the feeling of love,
and the idea of  love.


So no matter what don’t stop yourself from falling in love, no matter what happens next experience it, confess it, live it.
And cherish your idea of love!



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