The sprain and the push

So it was Friday and yet I didn’t have a post ready, an entire week passed by with many thoughts popping up in my head.
“Maybe this one!”
“Oh, no! this one is better”
“oh, no no no, this one is the best.”
Hours of drafting and redrafting, 10 drafts in the trash and all I had was nothing! not even one good post.
My friends said; “don’t post it if it’s not turning out how you want it to be.”
And by 5 in the evening, I was pretty much convinced that I am not posting a post today because I don’t have any topic in mind.
I usually go for a jog when I am bored and have pretty much nothing to do or more clearly when I have a lot to do and I can not prioritize which one is most important.
So I was jogging usually as I do with all the thoughts about “what should be the post?”
And I didn’t realize when I lost my “hosh in josh” (lost sanity out in heat)
And paced up so fast that somehow I lost my balance and ended up spraining my ankle. I could not even move! I was sitting there in the middle of the road, holding my ankle with an unnerving urge to shout and let out the pain.
A man passing by saw me sitting like an idiot with that shit look on my face and asked “What happened beta? Need some help.”
How desperately I needed help yet I don’t know why all I could say was “No, uncle it’s okay ! I can manage!”
And he left, I was still there sitting with all the pain considering what probable reason could be there to say no to help when you desperately need it!
It was getting late and I had to get home, but how could I reach when I was physically handicapped!
But  I had no option, It was getting dark and Cinderella had to report home or else Mother gets worried! And no! not at any cost you can make your mother worry.
” A sprained leg and an angry worried mother” – the worst combination ever for already a not so good day.
So, I pushed myself to walk rather than just sitting and whining about the bad day. All the way home I was cursing anyone and everyone possible, probably my brain had sprained too. Somehow  I managed to drag myself all the way to home.
What a feeling,  Mission successful!
I didn’t feel this happy even when avengers defeated Ultron!
And now when I switched on my laptop I knew exactly what to write!
The reason why I write this is not that I want to bore you to death with my paranoia of posting a post every Friday but rather a little calling that we often miss out.

Often  we get choices like to do or not to do. And most often we go for the easy option! why? because we often give ourselves that liberty to choose between hard work and procrastination! And why would anyone with an option of either going to goa or staying and work, choose the option of working!  But then what if that work could get you a promotion in future and you just don’t know it yet. A little push and things will work out your way. That little push here is what makes you or breaks you. So the next time you have an option to do or not to do! Choose wisely because you never know what lay ahead of the push and the harder option.

For me, it was my this weeks post that happened after the little push! Maybe for you, it could be something else even better. So next time when you think  of giving yourself an option rather  just try doing it!

P.s- Ankle still hurts! Apparently the push was good for little philosophy but not for the ankle.


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