Deal of happiness

My deal of happiness happened to me when I did the most ridiculous thing in my life that I probably didn’t even do as a kid “I made bubbles all the way from marines to my home from this toy that  I bought at marine lines from this little kid Vishal.”
I was sitting on the Marine lines with a friend looking at the vast blue endless sea.
When this child probably 7-year-old came up to me. He was selling this bubble making toy.
He said,  “Di-di ek to khareed lo” (Di-di buy one please).
I replied “Nahi, mjhe nai chahie” (No, I don’t want it)
And then he said even more innocently “ek to le lo na please” (Buy one at least please)
I replied ” Mjhse bubbles banenge hi nahi” (I won’t be able to make bubbles)
He said with a hint of excitement “Ap le lo, me sikhata hun” (You buy one, I will teach you)

So we both negotiated and agreed, on that he will teach me how to make bubbles he gets money and I pay the money. Pretty much of a  fair deal for him and a piece of another idiotic stunt for my friends and family. Then, he taught me how to make bubbles with his toy. And he taught everything so happily and smilingly that I was all spell bound of how minutely this kid knows what he is selling and most of all how innocent and happy he was.
Then, I asked him “what was his name?”
“what does his father do?”
“what his mother does?”
and most of all “Doesn’t he go to school?”
He told me his name was Vishal chavan. He goes to school in Pandarpur and he is here for his vacation. His father a worker at construction sites or in his words “drives a Bulldozer”.
His mother according to him does nothing simply sits at home.
He likes to work in his vacation he said, so he comes here and sells such toys.
After this little conversation of ours, he left smilingly with the words “Thank you, Welcome.”  and gave me a smile for next few days.

Mumbai is a city where in you see hundreds of kids selling different stuff in different areas. Travel a day in local and you can see kids selling everything possible required for survival.
And most of these kids have seen the worst things in world, poverty, hunger and what not. Every time I see any kid selling stuff it breaks my heart but then I see them smile, I talk to them and they even make me smile. They see the worst of life and yet smile and do what they have to do.
And here I have seen individuals who are never satisfied with anything in life, how shallow it is I can even not explain in words. But then It’s human tendency to keep wanting more and more. These kids come from the crowd of different faces sell us something and fade away into the crowd again.

I have been searching for stories for journey segment on my blog, I talked to different individuals about their struggles and hard phases. But I do not have words to phrase the journey of a seven-year-old kid who sells some toys on Marine lines and earns his food while he is on vacation and is so happy with his life that never complaints. And what probably can I write about a kid so full of innocence and love. He does not even know what journey or struggle probably is, he might know it by moments that he has suffered in life but he can not definitely term them. He already is building himself innocently courageously unknowingly.
I obviously do not know what he would be doing ten years later neither does he. Maybe he would be done with his studies or maybe would have got trapped by the darkness of the world. But I believe a kid who works and is still happy at this age can never lose his spirit and let the darkness take over him.  I just know post ten years when I would probably go to marine lines he would not be the face who would be selling some stuff rather a face who would have come here to sit down by the bay and probably help some other little kid. Until then I can just hope he and all other kids who go to school and work in vacations will be nothing less than successful!

This bubble making toy is like the little smiles that this kid and just like him many others sell to different individuals each day in some form or the other. They earn their day and in return give us little smiles, teach us how it feels to be happy and most of all
“life is not about the big things, it’s about the little things you do for yourself.”





3 thoughts on “Deal of happiness

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  1. Mumbai is filled with inspirations !
    Especially the place u had been to .
    A masterpiece of Mumbai giving all that peace one tormented soul may need in the crowd.
    Keep writing.


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