Every day we come across at least one case of rape occurring in our nation, So it’s nothing new for us Indians to read something like this. Few cases are lucky enough to get some light, a few candle marches, few protest probably for a month or two. We feel bad, anxious, our blood boils and then we get back into the routine and life goes on for us.
Rapes and sexual abuses are topics and a thing that just brings more and more shame to our nation, our individual identities but still what do we do? Nothing?
No, maybe change our display pictures on certain social media sites, feel bad for a while, few females will feel scared for a while maybe but it all depends on the inhumanity that the victim would have suffered. What next then? We, move on? But what about the victim do they ever feel same again?
And apparently in the society we live in for a rape victim or a sexual abuse victim, the suffering, and inhumanity they faced is just never enough!

You shouldn’t have worn it,
You should have been home back sooner,
You will be fine,
and full of life again,
your wounds will heal,
You will be strong again,
You will be fine,
It’s okay,
No one knows,
and we will not even tell them,
So husshhh now..

Pulled down by strings of my hair,
Pushed me down so hard that my body ached,
With tied wrists and twisted minds,
Forced himself on me,
blood stained clothes,
and broken spirit,
I was ripped off my soul and pride,
and all they said to give me justice was,
No one knows,
And we will not even tell them,
So hushhh now…

Nights are long and hard,
Shadows of,
Screams, begging and pleading,
With a bleeding soul and,
lost spirit,
I just wanted them,
executed ripped off,
their manhood,
But all I got was,
No one knows,
And we will not even tell them,
So hushh now..

We obviously can never sympathize enough to individuals who might have suffered something so inhuman but the least would be to at least help them get justice! If not justice at least let them live with because they have suffered enough and still surviving, they are fighters respect them if you can’t accept them.


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