Where is home?

Along the streets,
I wander alone,
Everything is known here,
yet unknown,
I can find everything except one,
where is home?

Along the roads,
I walk,
If I walk forward,
I see home there,
But as I reach there,
it’s not home,
And I keep walking,
where is home?

Along the highway,
I drive,
pass through different states,
I accept and live,
in all these states,
I see home,
but I don’t feel home,
where is home?

Along these paths,
I have reached,
where I first started,
the old neem tree in the verandah,
walls of this building,
painted with my childhood,
“Are you home?” shouts mother,
I go inside slip into,
Loose tee and rugged stained shorts,
Yes, I am home.


Often we get so busy living, changing trains to shifting to states for work. That we tend to forget how to live, how to feel and most of all the feeling of being home. We forget that our parents might be waiting for our call after those n number of calls that we missed because we were busy.
Home is just not a flat or four walls we live in: home is where we are what we truly are. Loose t-shirts , rugged stained shorts, undone hair, lots of food, festivals and loads of imperfections that we hide from the outside world. With the evolving technology and humans, there is something we are missing out- the little family time!
The feeling of home is an assurance that it’s okay to be what you want to be. The feeling of home is joy, sorrow, anger, love, affection, disgust and trust. The place where we hide ourselves to be safe from the world that continuously tells us we are not good yet, although Indian parents sometimes do have examples of how their neighbour’s kid is better than theirs! Even though they don’t know that  neighbour’s kid is a hippie and he is most of the time high when he is not arguing with his parents and simply smiling. You are bad because you are a sober being child. But then it’s okay we go through rigorous training since childhood to develop immunity to these situations. It’s the only place where every single person is so proud of you that their eyes lighten up even if you solve a crossword puzzle properly because seriously they didn’t expect you can do that as for them, you have just born.
Best of all you are valued here for what human you are  and not because of your work or your salary.
So where is home? Home is where you have homemade food, loose t-shirts and rugged stained shorts!






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