World through my lens

“What if I told you it’s possible to stop and capture time? For an instant  I am master of time!” sounds interesting doesn’t it? what do you do when you feel so happy that even cloud nine is not enough for you! Had you like to  capture that moment, and play it again and again in the times you miss that moment.”
A photographer is one such person. He captures your moment in a time bubble and gifts it to you as a photograph, which you can see whenever you want.

I was in the phase when I was searching the passion of my life, I wasn’t born gifted with some talent. A simple introvert who was intimidated to talk. I just knew one thing I need something to define me, something that will complete me.” This is a phase many of us go through when we want to be different, have our own identity. Most people go through it, some reach the end of the tunnel of confusions to find the one thing they end up falling in love with and the rest still figuring it out.
Sitting with a friend holding a second hand 5 MP Cybershot a guy clicked a photo of his beloved yet worn out sneakers. He didn’t know then how these sneakers were going to lead him to a new road.  But that was the first time he noticed; pictures can talk! In that one photo, he saw each of the races he had run in them, all the times he won wearing them, all the times he kicked a football wearing them. Like a flashback in movies, he saw how these shoes turned from brand new to such worn out. That is when for the first time he realized, the camera was the mouth and clicked pictures the words! And he wasn’t an introvert anymore.
The first time something shut his camera was when he came across Mr.Steve McCurry’s blog whose clicks didn’t just talk, they were magical. Like when we hear a sweet lullaby and get a peaceful sleep the same way he could look at Steve’s clicks for hours and not feel tired! That is when he learned the biggest thing about the thing he loved the most- “One doesn’t have to click n numbers of photos, or use a good camera to make your photos talk! It’s you! how you view things through that little eyepiece of the camera be it an emotion, a moment yours or someone else’s doesn’t matter. How you look at it matters!”
And then came the time of turmoil with so many competitive exams coming over. He was supposed to choose, what he wanted to be addressed as he was living in India obviously, he can not be addressed as a photographer! So he chose to be an engineer. And he was doing quite well in that too. Where in further he got his first break – Shoot an international band, few celebs, dance, arts, 5 days 10 hours each day and it all turned out better than he expected.
This is the thing about things that you do only for your love of it and not for the sake of it, these things never let you down. You continuously have a happy feeling jumping inside of you, may be telling you; yes! yes, you are finally doing it all right! now just don’t think about what anyone says. Just go on, don’t look back and go get that dream of yours.
Pieces of puzzles were all falling into right place but how would you learn if you never make a mistake? He got the biggest professional break through an ad agency who asked him to shoot a huge campus in Nashik. Another right piece he thought. Skipping his exams packed his bags and left for Nashik. After reaching there he was told there were some issues and the project is scrapped. First biggest break, down the drain!
This was something that will hit anyone real hard. But did he stop after this? no.
He was a learner so he thought to learn more and applied to St.Xavier’s for a photography course. So weekdays it was engineering and weekends the course.Like this he started shooting weddings, his friends would help him with notes while he was away and this is how he cleared his engineering. Down the line, he got involved with others who loved photography too but things didn’t work out. Still he continues his journey with some ups and some downs but never losing the focus! because if he loses the focus the image will be blurred. This might be just the beginning for him but one thing is sure his camera is no more a different thing for him, it’s his extension now.
“Photography is not something that I do.Photography is something that has made me the human I am.And there’s no letting go.It’ll be always there.Not as a career.But as a part of me.Not for money,not for fame,not for attention, But for the relations, and the peace I get from it.And always, for the smile it brings on the people’s face.Initially, I lived in two worlds-one I saw through my eyes and the other through the lens.Now I live only in one because my eyes have become my lens.That is my story!


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