The Girl without Fairy tales

How many times in your life have you come across a girl who does not describe her life through fairy tales? Although no one accepts but as a child each girl dreams about her prince charming more than building her kingdom or more blatantly her “career”!

I know such a person who at the age of 12 was not playing with dolls but dancing her way onto stage shows and national television show like boogie-woogie. She performed in many national award shows, did documentaries and serial. Life was perfect for her. With gleaming achievements and astonishing fame. Eventually, she was a kid juggling her studies and shoots. A day had to come when she would be asked to choose between her love and duty. Set her priorities straight.
On the decision day, though her parents were supportive; she had to choose one. She chose her studies, she prioritized her duty. This did not mean that she gave up her love for dancing, she continued dancing sneaking from the eyes that made her choose. For a few  years, she controlled and studied and only studied but fickle souls never die rather keep evolving. She started singing and learnt how to play guitar. Every time she was bored, she learnt something new! As one of her friend quoted once when she said she was bored-
“You must be busy building up an Eiffel tower with matchsticks now! dude leave something for others.”

And years passed like this. She kept feeding her soul with some or other new talent.And then came the new phase, far from home, far from the stereotype society- College phase.
The very first year plans to surprise her friends  participates and ends up in finals  for a dance competition. Where in she designed the costume herself; another talent.
This was all amidst pursuing architecture.”yes you read it right Architecture”. This never pulled her back. So she kept on participating winning some, losing hardly any. In this while, she discovered another love in her life- Singing. And today she has her own band- “Carte blanche”. She is the lead singer and guitarist. And yea even the drummer in carte blanche is a girl! Recently she even shared a cover in virtual collaboration with Charlie puth! Now, haven’t you fell in love with this lady? Because I totally fell for her! And all this while, all the way till here she did not even once talked about her prince charming it’s only the kingdom she wanted to build and  that is what she talked about. She dances, sings, paints, is a photographer, studies architecture and a youtube blogger too. Can you think of anything else a person can be good at? Because seriously I can not.

Her journey didn’t have many lows, it was just her right choices that made her journey easier. It’s not like she could do all this in a day. She was persistent never gave up! no matter how hard decision be. I feel this is the beauty of dreams that keeps you going. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes not. All you have to do is just look clearly at where you want to be.

You can follow her youtube blog and also talk to her personally if you wish to, below are the links:
youtube channel-





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