Bohemian rhapsody


Let’s continue this post from the question, where we left off last time. The question “what should the blog be about?” When I first thought, I thought I will just simply post my short stories and poems. But then a lot more though led me to think.

      Ever since I was a kid, I always believed that every human is a breathing story and us all the normal people are our own heroes.  Because normal people have to work, earn and they don’t have time to look for a superhero in hard times! so instead they become one themselves. No, they don’t wear a mask or a costume to hide their identities. They simply wear a smile and keep on moving.  And such people are not always noticed neither are their stories.


I saw a story,
no not in a theater,
neither on my laptop,
It was in the eyes,
Eyes of every person,
who walks past me.

I saw a story,
not in the spoken words,
not in the laugh,
But in smile of every person,
to whom I talked,

I saw a story,
in all the long pauses,
between those lines,
and those deceiving looks,

I heard the unsaid version,
I saw your cape,
I saw your mask,
I saw your costume,
I saw the frozen tears,
I saw the soul,
and I discovered a story
Just as I saw the story.

Bohemian is a person who is socially unconventional and rhapsody is an epic poem.  I chose this title because it speaks for itself! Sometimes when being conventional doesn’t help, that time a few of us choose a different path to walk on! I believe once in everyone’s lifetime, everyone for once chooses a different path to fulfill their dream. That phase is the rhapsody!  That is the phase when we are superheroes! because it’s never easy to walk an unconventional path in a conventional  society.

So, Never ever let the superhero die. Be Ironman! at the end of struggle accept you are a hero and tell us your story. And those of few who still don’t believe in themselves yet, It’s never too late to give yourself a shot!

Henceforth since introduction is done with these two posts, I will have different segments part of the blog. Firstly, I will have “Journey” segment which will feature different individuals from the different backgrounds sharing their struggles. ( Anonymity will be considered if individuals insist! it will be individual’s choice.) These posts will be published two every month, one each fortnight.
Apart from this, I will also post my write-up’s. I will publish a post each Friday.
Until then keep reading! keep dreaming! And tell us your story maybe you end up inspiring someone!









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