First post!

Finally, I am writing this first post on my very own blog. Excited much? hell yeah!
So, when I first came up with the idea of writing I was not a day older than 16 years. Now in a few months, I will be 21. You must be wondering why am I even bothering to write all this in my very first post! Well, That’s for a reason. Reason being it took me 5 years or  approximately 1800 days –

from my first poem to this blog,
to gather all the strength to just click on “”,
to realize I love writing,
to find that my peace of mind is here,
to pull that one string inside and push me to believe in me.
It all sounds so rhetorical but then what do you expect? I am a writer! Exaggeration is in my veins “feel free to add the tongue stuck out emoticon here, it will make it sound polite.”
After the rhetorical struggles, the next big question was “what should be the site title?”
Since the time I first conceived to write, there was this one name continuously popping up in my head again and again just like those unnecessary ad’s and pop ups on our browsers!
But no matter how many block’s I put “Bohemian rhapsody” just won’t go away.

We all have been programmed since birth to follow certain conventional rules. At every step in our life we are continuously judged, continuously termed, continuously asked to be something we are not! We live in the age of technology yet lack the strength to accept difference. Bohemian rhapsody –

It is about getting rid of clock,
And watch the sun rise and set,
To watch the stars breathing moon,
Choosing your own path,
no matter how difficult and different it is,

Slow down a bit,
loosen your grip on your life,
let it decide,
how it wants to be,
Embrace the divine wilderness,
live in fantasies,
and most importantly,
never ever stop dreaming!

Now the next big thing was “what should it be about”?
Should I simply continue writing my short stories and poems, like the usual blogs are or maybe try something new?
well, I think I should answer this in my second post! There should be something for next time! Shouldn’t be?

So until then keep dreaming because inside all of us we have a bohemian soul which breaths for worse or for better, but it does exist in all of us!











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