Let’s Answer.

It's been a long, long day. Seems like yesterday when things were in the fairy land and not in the empty hollow vessel. Imagine. It's a dungeon with many ends. The hollow end leads to five different ways and you have to choose one. While there are puppets hanging from the ceiling of the dungeon... Continue Reading →

Listen, It’s not like that.

Hey, you. What's wrong with you? You look like fire caught your skin and melted the little ounces of flesh you had. The thunder was tickling you and you screamed the song from your childhood. Remember? Remember that time you spent with your childhood friend? Eating dirt, catching butterflies. Different people, same memories. Wild hopes,... Continue Reading →

Let the Moon kid shine

We were still on the opposite end of the table. The ink from the pen was still dripping. Flicker on a few things shine and then drop to the same conversation. Flicker and gone. Lighting up his face once again before the shine dies. Eyes flicker and she's gone. Stories had been bartered and smiles... Continue Reading →

The ink is dripping.

There are so many things I want to share today. This happens every time I sit to write ten stories and I have to select one of them all, the best one. These stories are all my babies and I don't have the luxury of being partial to any of them. We had been sitting... Continue Reading →

Bottom of the hourglass

I was sitting in a corner of a street in the remotest corner of a road, in the corner of my city. It's the day time and time is rushing. I was playing with my book, flipping torn pages on the street. Trying to bring some characters alive. Some words alive. What if, all those... Continue Reading →

Dance to the tune, Clown

I want you to be a part of another of my rants. Sit with me for my morning coffee and be a part of my extra ordinary life for next ten minutes. With us, on the stool is sitting a clown who is pulling out ribbons from his mouth. One tied to another to another... Continue Reading →

Come on, Let’s Ballos!

  I woke up at four a.m in the morning. Oh, sorry I didn't sleep only to wake up. Past few days have been tough on me. I dance at two a.m, walk around my house wearing those loose comforts and darkened hollow beneath my eyes. As the remedy, I tried talking to every single... Continue Reading →

Mumbai’s Mahuva

It's been quite some time that I have been trying to find bits and pieces of motivation to carry on with the monotony of life that has slipped in. The education pattern in India has been weaved in such a manner that people are not often very comfortable with the way they acquire knowledge, half... Continue Reading →

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