The “Don’t” Talk- Part One

Clouds, light and the expanding universe is going to watch you until you die. Universe has it's favorites and today, I was the one. It poured all the spotlights and the attention on me. Pampered me for all the times it let me down in past few months. Lady- 'Think of a question and don't... Continue Reading →



13 October'2017, Home  07:00 am The phone was ringing and I woke up to dismiss the alarm tone, saw the screen flashing and realized it was a call, not alarm. A long lost friend, what can one probably ask for in the morning when people are still in their beds. Declined the call and turned... Continue Reading →

Sophistication drizzles

Sophistication running through the sky like blood. It's all a very  organized situation. We've all got two pages by our sides. We've all got our ties in place and our hair combed neatly to one side. Is that rain? It's alright. We're ready for anything, we have been trained for that. We'll take out our... Continue Reading →


I am thinking about "words". I have been thinking about them a lot lately, sitting and staring at the blank screen of my laptop that says "write something..." I do start to write with a little slumber in my eyes and the faint hint of the smile because this is what is supposed to make... Continue Reading →

The feeling

It's a little too hazy to depict through words but there's this feeling hanging over me. Trust me, it's peaceful and serene. A few days back my father had decided that we will go to our hometown by train. Interesting! Isn't it? I remember traveling through trains as a kid but it's been long now... Continue Reading →

Let’s Answer.

It's been a long, long day. Seems like yesterday when things were in the fairy land and not in the empty hollow vessel. Imagine. It's a dungeon with many ends. The hollow end leads to five different ways and you have to choose one. While there are puppets hanging from the ceiling of the dungeon... Continue Reading →

Listen, It’s not like that.

Hey, you. What's wrong with you? You look like fire caught your skin and melted the little ounces of flesh you had. The thunder was tickling you and you screamed the song from your childhood. Remember? Remember that time you spent with your childhood friend? Eating dirt, catching butterflies. Different people, same memories. Wild hopes,... Continue Reading →

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